EPM MesoSkin Non Invasive Infusion Therapy at The Beauty Spot By Monique

Non Invasive


No Downtime

EPM MesoSkin Non Invasive Infusion Therapy

EPM MesoSkin Therapy is the perfect treatment to refine and refresh the skin from the inside out.

When treating many skin conditions, nourishment is a key factor to maintaining a healthy complexion.

MesoSkin Therapy works by infusing active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A, B or  C to the deeper layers of the skin to promote healthy cell to cell communication and their functioning - a vital purpose for rejuvenating the texture, tone and volume of the skin.

We can treat issues such as;

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Premature Ageing
  • Dehydrated & Dull skin
  • Minor Acne & Breakouts
  • Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation (usually from healing within the skin)


Our skin is the largest organ on the body, it contains so many different functioning cells that have their own job one of which is to maintain and protect the health of what lies below.

The skins outer protective barrier can be described like a brick wall around a house - protection from the outside of our homes would be non-existent if we lived in a house without a solid external structure!

The bricks, being the Stratum Corneum layer of epidermal cells, and mortar, being the Lipid barrier layer made up of cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides, connect and hold together the outermost layer of cells, forming the perfect “brick wall like” structure.

This structure protects underlying cells against external aggressors such as pathogens and toxins, which could otherwise cause major disruptions to our skin and body - infection, acne, premature aging and pigmentation, just to name a few!

Meso Skin Deep Peneatrative Description at The Beauty Spot By Monique

EPM MesoSkin Infusion Therapy combines Electroporation and Microchip Transdermal Technology to temporarily disrupt and penetrate this protective barrier to establish micro-channels within the layers of the skin (before we hit blood).

Through these micro-channels we can introduce nutrition from the serums we use and allow them to penetrate and work at a much deeper level than what we can achieve with topically applying everyday skin care products.

This treatment can promote circulation of capillaries, accelerate cell metabolism and healing, resist cells from aging, improve dry and dehydrated skin, fine lines and dull skin.